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Rev. Clyde D. Adams

Pastor Emeritus of Union Baptist Church

Born in Cherry Valley, Arkansas on January 1, 1915, Clyde Adams flourished midst family and friends. 

While attending the University of Cincinnati, young Adams tested the diversity of various subject areas; that early sampling has long been evident in his broad knowledge base, keen insight and analytical skills.  

Religion soon became the primary focus in this young student's life. 

From simple beginnings, a young man of industry and commitment dedicated himself to God and to others.  

Adhering to Robert Frost's words, "I am not merely a teacher, I am an awakener," Clyde Adams prepared for his role as a man of achievement, a man who would make a difference.

Rev. Adams retired in October 1998 as "Senior Pastor" of Union Baptist Church relinquishing the position he held for 48 Years.

Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there will be meat in mine

Rev. Adams is known across the country for his teaching of stewardship and his belief on the tithing principles.